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One of my Photos on Boing Boing

I had a significant bump of traffic the other day, and it appear Boing Boing used one of my photos for an article pertaining to wikileaks. They provided all the proper CC attribution and I was quite honored to have my photo used. They did a little photoshop work to it to make it fit the article. Here is the orginal:

Film Noir - Take Two

And you can see the version they used in the article here:


I wonder if I should be shooting more of these little models and figures in B&W settings.

Six Million People

I am currently participating in a flickr group called “six million people.” I added this photo of myself to the group.

During World War II, Nazi Germany was responsible for the murder of over six million Jews. A horrific number, but a number that isn’t easily understood by the human brain. It is so large that people cannot fathom it. The idea behind this group is to gather six million portraits of unique people in one place, so that we can start to understand just how much of a toll the Nazi’s took on the population in general. The group is open to anyone. All they ask is that you submit one portrait of one unique person. So you can submit as many people as you like, as long as there is only one photo of each of them.

I am hoping to place as many people in the group as possible. I hope you do as well. I feel it is important to never forget this tragedy. Here is a link so you can easily find it:

Six Million People (flickr group)

The Six Million People Blog

Also featured is Spotlight Seven: another group that talks about some of the talented photographers that are taking photos for the Six Million People project.