Remember November

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2013 is next year, and if you look back into the archives of my blog, you’ll see that 2003 is when I came to Japan. In fact, this blog actually began before I arrived. I created it just after I found out I was coming to Japan. I didn’t even know where I would be placed. It’s all ancient history now. So much has happened in that time. Empires have risen and fallen. I lived through a massive earthquake and tsunami, and many other have struggled through Hurricanes and floods. I lived in Senmaya for three years, and now I’ve live in Hachimantai. It was a time before Facebook, Twitter, iPhone, Prius. Funny to imagine such a time today. It was a time before time itself.

So what is so important about November? Well, if you go back to the time before I made the blog, before I was even accepted on the JET programme, you’ll see that I had to have started the application at some point. And, if I remember it correctly, ’twas November 18 I submitted my application. Therefore November is the very beginning of my tenth anniversary in Japan. The actual anniversary will be July 18, 2013, but I plan some small celebrations leading up to it. This is my first little party. I doubt most of you still even read this blog anymore. That is partially because I don’t write here much. I’d like to change that. We’ll see.

Anyways, happy November.

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