Pondering (by jasohill)

My name is Jason Hill. I am a photographer and English teacher in northern Japan.
You can see my stock photography on Getty Images here:

JasoHill on Getty Images.

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  • Hi Jason, of course I heard about the earthquake and tsunami today and one of the articles I read mentioned Iwate. I am very concerned about you and your friends and family there – please update your blog (or send me an email) when you have a minute, to let me (us) know how you are doing.

  • Hi Jason,

    I am trying to work out heading to Iwate to do some preliminary volunteer service during May 2011. Can you please drop me an email? I would appreciate getting some local advice from someone who speaks English.

    Many thanks, Brad

  • Hi Jason, Im emailing from Save The Children and wanted to see whether you might be available to get coverage of the effects of the earthquake on Japan for StC. We are waiting to see still whether we might need anything but it would be great to know if you are around potentially for a half day commission.

    Im glad your photo had such a great alert and hope you stay safe

    Many Thanks, Marissa

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